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Friday, May 6, 2011


info tentang gaji MAS PILOT on 2006 from capt LIm

Average Gross Salary (inclusive of basic salary & allowances):
  • Second Officer, SO – RM6,000 – RM8,000
  • First Officer, FO – RM10,000 – RM16,000 (also depends on craft size)
  • Captain – RM15,000 – RM35,000 (also depends on craft size)

Basic salary for Second Officers (SO):
  • Upon endorsement, a Cadet Pilot will be paid a basic monthly salary of RM4,229
  • On posting to the fleet, without supervision of co-pilot – RM5,069
  • Second year on fleet – RM5,360
  • Third year and onwards – RM5,668
Basic salary for First Officers (FO):
  • Narrow body aircraft – RM5,984 – RM9,501
  • Wide body aircraft – RM9,146 – RM17,009
Narrow body and wide body aircrafts are differentiated by a number of factors including the plane size and width, seating and so on. Typically, a narrow body aircraft has less than 200 seating, while a wide body can accommodate between 200 to 600 (Note: This is just a general definition).

Meals and Night Stop Allowances:
  • Allowances range between RM150 to RM160 per night, depending on city of stop over.
Flying/Pilot Productivity Allowances (PPA):
  • Narrow body aircraft – RM48 for Captain, RM29 for co-pilot
  • Wide body aircraft – RM72 for Captain, RM43 for co-pilot

narrow body untuk aircraft yang bawa penumpang dalam range 200 orang je...

lau wide plak, kapal yg besar yang bawak lebih 200 penumpang

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