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Friday, April 30, 2010

keluang man

When i was a young boy....everything i reads from the books...everything interesting and amazing i watch on television...
i wants to be someone like there....i wants in and join them....everything... everywhere....
haha.....but, who am i today????

still just a normal person...

this song from cartoon movie...i like it...i want to rescue all human like him...huhu

-Keluang Man

mata air terjun dari taman
hadirmu mendamaikan
hati ku ini....


lagu ni dapat dari ainan...

C Am
Dia bagai seorang pahlawan
Menjadi pembela
Bagi yg tiada upaya
C Am
Dengan ketangkasan langkah pergerakannya
Menewaskan musuh
Yang membuat angkara
Dialah satria

Biar pun di mana jua
C Am
Dia datang dikala malam tiba
Melakukan tugas mulia

Di desa juga di kota
C Am
Dia datang memberikan baktinya
Agar hidup aman sejahtera

Keluang man, keluang man,keluangman...

thanx too much for ainan..
love you!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010




xde kaitan pun...

Aircraft fairing

A fairing is a structure whose primary function is to produce a smooth outline and reduce drag.

These structures are generally light-weight shapes and covers for gaps and spaces between parts of an aircraft to reduce form drag and interference drag, and to improve appearance.


Engine cowlings

to reduce parasitic drag by reducing the surface area, having a smooth surface and thus leading to laminar flow, and having a nose cone shape, which prevents early flow separation. The inlet and the nozzle in combination lead to an isotropic speed reduction around the cooling fins and due to the speed-squared law to a reduction in cooling drag.
Tail cones

to reduce the form drag of the fuselage, by recovering the pressure behind it. For the design speed they add no friction drag.

Wheels on fixed gear aircraft

often called "wheel pants", "speed fairings" or in the united kingdoms, "wheel spats". These fairings are a trade-off in advantages, as they increase the frontal and surface area, but also provide a smooth surface, a faired nose and tail for laminar flow, in an attempt to reduce the turbulence created by the round wheel and its associated gear legs and brakes. They also have the important function of preventing mud and stones from being thrown upwards against the wings or fuselage, or into the propeller on a pusher craft.

Wing root

to reduce interference drag. On top and below the wing it consists of small rounded edge to reduce the surface and such friction drag. At the leading and trailing edge it consists of much larger taper and smooths out the pressure differences: High pressure at the leading and trailing edge, low pressure on top of the wing and around the fuselage.

Wing tips

Which may have a complex shape to reduce vortex generation and so also drag, especially at low speed

Fin and rudder tips

to reduce turbulence at the tip

Elevator and horizontal stabilizer tips

To smooth airflow at the tips

Strut-to-wing and strut-to-fuselage junctions

to reduce drag at these junctions

Fixed landing gear junctions

to reduce drag at these junction

Auxiliary power unit

An auxiliary power unit (APU) is a device on a vehicle whose purpose is to provide energy for functions other than propulsion. Different types of APU are found on aircraft, as well as on some large ground vehicles.

Functions of APU

The primary purpose of an aircraft APU is to provide power to start the main engines.

Turbine engines have large, heavy rotors that must be accelerated to a high rotational speed in order to provide sufficient air compression for self-sustaining operation. This process takes significantly longer and requires much more energy than starting a reciprocating engine. Smaller turbine engines are usually started by an electric motor, while larger turbine engines are usually started by an air turbine motor. Whether the starter is electrica

lly, pneumatically, or hydraulically powered, however, the energy required is far greater than could be provided by a storage device (battery or air tank) of reasonable size and weight.

An APU solves this problem by powering up the aircraft in two stages. First, the APU is started by an electric or hydraulic motor, with power supplied by a battery, accumulator, or external power source (ground power unit). After the APU accelerates to full speed, it can provide enough power to start the aircraft's main engines, either by turning an electrical generator or a hydraulic pump, or by providing compressed air to the air turbine of the starter motor.

APUs also have several auxiliary functions. Electrical and pn

eumatic power run the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems prior to starting the main engines. This allows the cabin to be comfortable while the passengers are boarding without the expense, noise, and danger of running one of the aircraft's main engines. Electrical power is also used to power up systems for preflight checks. Some APUs are also connected to a hydraulic pump, allowing maintenance and flight crews to operate the flight controls and power equipment without running the main engines. This same function is also used as a backup in flight in case of an engine failure or hydraulic pump failure.

Sections of APU

A typical gas turbine APU for commercial transport aircraft comprises three main sections:

  • Power section
  • Load compressor section and
  • Gearbox section

The power section is the gas generator portion of the engine a

nd produces all the shaft power for the APU. The load compressor is generally a shaft-mounted compress

or that provides pneumatic power for the aircraft, though some APUs extract bleed air from the power section compressor. There are two actuated devices: the inlet guide vanes that regulate airflow to the load compressor and the surge control valve that maintains stable or surge-free operation of the turbo machine. The third section of the engine is the gearbox. The gearbox transfers power from the main shaft of the engine to an oil-cooled generator for electrical power. Within the gearbox, power is also transferred to engine accessories

such as the fuel control unit, the lube module and cooling fan. In addition, there is also a starter

motor connected through the gear train to perform the starting function of the APU. Some APU designs use a combination starter/generator for APU starting and electrical power generation to reduce complexity.

Some APUs use an electronic control box (ECB), which is designed to control the APUs. It also serves as an interface between the subsystems of an APU and the aircraft.

With the Boeing 787 being an all electric aircraft, the APU delivers only electricity to the aircraft. The absence of a pneumatic system simplifies the design, but the demand for hundreds of kilowatts (kW) of electricity requires heavier generators and unique system requirements.

APUs are even more critical for Space Shuttle flight operations. Unlike aircraft APUs, they provide hydraulic pressure, not electrical power. The Space Shuttle has three redundant APUs, powered by hydrazine fuel. They only function during powered ascent, and during re-entry and landing. During powered ascent, the APUs provide hydraulic power for gimballing of Shuttle's engines and control surfaces. During landing, they power the control surfaces and brakes. Landing can be accomplished with only one APU working. On STS-9, two of Columbia's APUs caught fire, but the flight still landed successfully.

Monday, April 19, 2010

sebiru hari ini....

untuk mu teman.....


Album : Sepotong Episode
Munsyid : Edcoustic

Sebiru hari ini,
birunya bagai langit terang benderang

Sebiru hati kita,
bersama di sini
Seindah hari ini,

indahnya bak permadani taman surga

Seindah hati kita,
walau kita kan terpisah

Bukankah hati kita telah lama menyatu
Dalam tali kisah persahabatan ilahi

Pegang erat tangan kita terakhir kalinya
Hapus air mata meski kita kan terpisah

Selamat jalan teman
Tetaplah berjuang

Semoga kita bertemu kembali

Kenang masa indah kita

Sebiru hari ini

Seindah hari ini,
indahnya bak permadani taman surga

Seindah hati kita,
walau kita kan terpisah

Seindah hari ini,
indahnya bak permadani taman surga

Seindah hati kita,
walau kita kan terpisah


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UAV pilot test




rear tire


brushless motor holder

front tire



stall at high speed

camera holder

brushless motor


to find the true CG


Materials that we used

1. Fiber Rod

This material is straight, rigid and an ideal building material for frames, trusses and for use as reinforcing material. It is use to straighten and give more strength to the wings.

2. Stainless Steel Rod

Stainless Steels are alloys of iron and carbon that contain between 12 percent and 30 percent Cr, plus other alloying elements. The chromium, which helps develop a passive surface oxide film, provides corrosion resistance in stainless steels. Stainless Steels are wrought or cast and consist of several families that are named for their metallurgical structure. It is use as a connection body from fuselage to the empennage.

3. Ferro

Material that have enough strength to protect the fuselage and also lightweight. It is not easily broke and easy to fabricate.

4. Servo

It is used to provide actuation for aileron and elevator. When the servo is commanded to rotate, the motor is powered until the potentiometer reaches the value corresponding to the commanded position.

5. Battery

It is use to provide electrical power to work the motor and to functional the servo for a flight.

6. Receiver

Electronic circuit that receives its input from an antenna to separate a wanted radio signal from all other signals picked up by this antenna, amplifies it to a level suitable for further processing, and finally converts through demodulation and decoding the signal into a form navigational position and to control the aircraft motor speed.

7. Brushless Motor

Synchronous electric motor powered by direct-current (DC) electricity and having an electronic commutation system. The motor speed is control by electronic speed controller.

8. Electronic Speed Controller

Electronic speed controller is an electronic circuit with the purpose to vary an electric motor's speed, its direction and possibly also to act as a dynamic brake.

9. Tape

It is very thin and light tape, use to covered the wing into red colour and some empennage side to blue strike.

10. Fiber Tape

It use to connect the wing and the aileron together without blocking the aileron’s movement.

11. Surgical Tape

The usage is same with Fiber tape, but it been removed since it’s not strong enough to hold the ailerons.

12. Landing Gear System

It consist the nose gear and the rear gear and it is non-retractable landing gear.

13. Screw

It is used to fasten the landing gear to the fuselage.

14. Pen Camera

It is used to capture moments while the UAV is flying up in the air. The camera can record a video and safely keep the video until the it come back to ground.

15. Camera Battery

Lithium-ion battery that has in the pen camera.

location at mengkuang damn....

time 10am


09 april 2010

pagi td..after test flight mechanics......terus gi fly uav...

our final project.....

memang mencabar nak pilot uav....x dop pengalaman.....4 kali percubaan failed....

akhirnya....kami dapat kesan bahawa propeller dipasang angle of attack...cepat la


then i fly it...


propeller set up pitch terbalik...juz create small force...not enough to fly


hand launched


Saturday, April 10, 2010

berprasangka yang baik2 sahaja....

Jika engkau bertemu dengan seseorang, maka yakinilah bahawa dia lebih baik darimu. Ucapkan dalam hatimu “Mungkin kedudukannya di sisi Allah jauh lebih baik dan lebih tinggi dariku”.

Jika bertemu anak kecil, maka ucapkanlah (dalam hatimu)
“Anak ini belum bermaksiat kepada Allah, sedangkan diriku telah banyak bermaksiat kepadaNya. Tentu anak ini jauh lebih baik dariku”..

Jika bertemu orang tua, maka ucapkanlah (dalam hatimu) “Dia telah beribadah kepada Allah jauh lebih lama dariku, tentu dia lebih baik dariku.”

Jika bertemu dengan seorang yang berilmu, maka ucapkanlah (dalam hatimu) “Orang ini memperoleh kurnia yang tidak akan kuperolehi, mencapai kedudukan yang tidak akan pernah kucapai, mengetahui apa yang tidak kuketahui dan dia mengamalkan ilmunya, tentu dia lebih baik dariku.”

Jika bertemu dengan seorang yang jahil, maka katakanlah (dalam hatimu) “Orang ini bermaksiat kepada Allah kerana dia jahil (tidak tahu), sedangkan aku bermaksiat kepadaNya padahal aku mengetahui akibatnya. Dan aku tidak tahu bagaimana akhir umurku dan umurnya kelak. Dia tentu lebih baik dariku.”

Jika bertemu dengan orang kafir, maka katakanlah (dalam hatimu)
“Aku tidak tahu bagaimana keadaannya kelak, mungkin di akhir usianya dia memeluk Islam dan beramal soleh. Dan mungkin boleh jadi di akhir usia diriku kufur dan berbuat buruk…

Friday, April 9, 2010

fakta nasi kerabu

statistik sepanjang perniagaan kecil-kecilan bermula pertengahan february 2010

customer paling lawak

budak2 sekolah rendah : panggil ambo pakcik, panggil nasi kerabu nasi keburau...nasi kerbau....nasik kerabu tu pulut kuning and pangil kropok keping kropok lekor

order paling banyak pada 1 msg

- aerospace student : 29 bungkus


lecturer yang wat promosi : puan syazana

lecturer paling banyak order

- puan mardiana : 15 bungkus

staf paling banyak order

- anak encik rasdi : staf poli 14 bungkus

kawan paling banyak order

- amira zahis (saem skolah rendah ) : 13 bungkus
- saiful bukhari : 10 bungkus
-anuar : 7 bungkus

delivery paling jauh :

idi : 3 bgkus

sekolah alma : 10 bungkus

my loyal customer :

all my housmate : every day i cook nasi kerabu

the best prefer and comment from my dear customer :

kak aini : ajar cara nak bagi ulam tahan lama...cara susunan bekas....

order paling banyak

more than 60 bungkus dalam masa x sampy kul 12pm

hari paling kalut wat nasi kerabu

- mase gas abis dan lepas balik dari s.alam...bas sampai lewat........
- mase ade test petang....jual jugak pagi sampai tengah hari.....mase jawab test....tertido....huhu

the very important person

mak cik syimah( owner stall nasi lemak ) : ajak jual nasik krabu kat gerai die....then...x nak amic duit sewa langsung
....ambo pun jadi segan...

terima kasih banyak2 atas support busy for final exam....sori coz....after dis more nasik krabu.....

nothing can fly without airfoil...

but i try my best to do it

luahan.....dengarla muzik berbicara


NASA's Shuttle/Rocket Missions Countdown