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Thursday, October 1, 2009

wind tunnel

ni wind tunnel yg full scale...besar x?

kete pun ade tes aerodynamic gune wind tunnel.....

wind tunnel ni basic la jugak dalam aerodynamics.....untuk flight pun gune la...studying vehicle in free flight.....camne yea nk explain...kite bg speed yg laju kat sebuah flight tu, tp, kite make sure flight tu duk stil dlm keadaan statik pergerakannya.....mcm boeing kan...laju je gerak masuk duk atas awan..stabil je gerak....

instead of the air's standing still and the aircraft moving at speed through it, the same effect would be obtained if the aircraft stood still and the air moved at speed past it. In that way a stationary observer could study the aircraft in action, and could measure the aerodynamic forces being imposed on the aircraft.

Benjamin Roben 1707-1751....English military engineer and mathematician org 1st wat wind tu namenye lain, invented a whirling arm apparatus to determine drag and did some of the first experiments in aviation theory.....

ni model cesna...ade gas helium tu..nampak x?

fa-18 wind tunnel by boeing model in NASA

a subsonic wind tunnel from university of washington

ni video vertical wind tunnel utk geng2 skydiver.....speed yea dlm 200km/h

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