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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aerospace/Aeronautical engineer vs pilot

pilot cockpit

aircraft engineer

Joshua Yurman

My first question is that in aeronautical engineering industry who is being comparatively paid more..1. Aeronautical/aerospace engineer 2.Aircraft maintanence 3.Pilot

The answers to your questions can be very personal and vary greatly between people depending on priorities. As for money, all three jobs can be very lucrative. The pilot and aircraft maintenance positions start out at a relatively low salary but have very high lifetime earning potential depending on what job you were to take and where. The engineering positions tend to pay more right off the bat if the right job can be found. In terms of stress, each can be very stressful. All three operate under tight deadlines and very close scrutiny from both supervisors, management, and federal agencies. A key to managing the stress is to decide what your personal priorities in life are and find a job that suits your needs. A piloting job can have you away from home quite often, but on average it can be a pretty easy-going job. The maintenance position can lead to stress in terms of deadlines and the level of perfection and detail that is expected. This job, like that of a pilot, can also entail very off hours/shifts on weekdays, weekends, and holidays, however, you'll be home every night. The engineering position can be stressful also with the attention to detail required, deadlines, and long hours needed for certain projects.

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