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Monday, November 26, 2012

MAHA 2012

MAHA 2012 header

MAHA : Malaysia Agriculture Horticulture & Agrotourism international show

MAHA International 2012, a 10-day biennial event is the leading agricultural exhibition in Malaysia. Being the largest and most comprehensive agricultural event in the ASEAN region, it has also been listed as one of the global agro-exhibition. The Government of Malaysia and the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry are indeed pleased to host this significant event where mindsets go beyond boundaries to create new business opportunities. I strongly believe that the seventh edition of MAHA International series will achieve even greater success.
Representing an important component of our national economic agenda under the Agriculture NKEA (National Key Economic Areas) , the transformation of Agriculture into Agribusiness has been the key thrust in moving towards a modern, dynamic and competitive sector with greater economic contribution. The focuses will be on large scale commercial food production, increasing productivity, enhancing value-added activities, expanding into areas of growth with the potential to maximize agriculture’s contribution to national income, create employment, uplift income of producers and develop new sources of wealth.
MAHA International 2012 themed "Agricultural Transformation Through Innovation" is thus very much in line with the country’s aspiration to transform Agriculture into Agribusiness that aims to open up new opportunities and new sources of wealth. I am certainly pleased that the Organizer has also incorporated “The Farmers, Livestock Producers and Fishermen’s Day” (HPPNK) as one of its high-profiled concurrent events, which gives recognitions to farmers, livestock breeders, fishermen and agro-entrepreneurs across the country for their contributions and efforts in producing food-based materials and agricultural products for domestic needs as well as the international markets.
Making waves in heralding a multitude of concepts and structured comprehensive programs by the Organizers that reinforce MAHA / HPPNK 2012 as a premium showcase for the industry stakeholders, I believe it will certainly help realize the vision of the country to be more progressive with innovative technology, modern and be more competitive in the global arena.
Targeted to attract 3 million visitors as compared to 2.66 million visitors in 2010, 10 countries have currently confirmed their participation at MAHA / HPPNK 2012. In line with the increase visitorship, it is my fervent hope that sales and business transaction will garner an increase RM 30 million over RM23 million in 2010.

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