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Monday, September 14, 2009

glider project

Aerodynamics is the study of forces and motion of objects through the air.

Basic knowledge of the

aerodynamic principles

is highly recommended

before getting involved

in building or flying

model aircraft.

The aircraft's response to momentary disturbance is associated with its
inherent degree of stability built in by the designer, in each of the three axes,
and occurring without any reaction from the pilot.

There is another condition affecting flight, which is the aircraft's state of trim
or equilibrium (where the net sum of all forces equals zero).
Some aircraft can be trimmed by the pilot to fly 'hands off' for straight and
level flight, for climb or for descent.

An aircraft's stability is expressed in relation to each axis:
lateral stability (stability in roll), directional stability (stability in yaw)
and longitudinal stability (stability in pitch).
Lateral and directional stability are inter-dependent. what im promise....

next projet, so...easy to understand..our lecturer show some video..

indoor glider.....


lebih kurang mcm ni la projek kami....

cuma..ade test fly paling jauh and test fly paling lama...
tengok macam simple je kan..tapi, kena wat calculation, design gak tau....ingat senang-senang je ke aircraft fly....

gune web ni untuk some calculation...

after make sure the wing loading value below than 4.0....projek membuat aircraft pun bermula..

my first prototype....jauh gak fly..

design ni masuk dalam bendang sawah padi....

design ni made from ferro...mcm plastic

ni...create using balsa wood....ringan sangat2....

yang ni wat design yang paling besar

under construction....

make sure ade angle of attack antara 5' - 15' kat wing.....

pressure kat bawah lebih tinggi dari kat kat atas higher than bahagian wing kat bawah

aerodynamic membantu fly....

fully aeloron aerofoil....


paling jauh fly...hehe


paling lame fly...loser...huhu...yang 1st..25s fly video


next project...electric flyer vs remote controller aircraft.....

Free flight models generally have to rely on the state of trim built in by the
designer and adjusted by the rigger, while the remote controlled models have
some form of trim devices which are adjustable during the flight.

coming soon....

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