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Monday, August 24, 2009

propeller project

in aerospace subject this semester..we shall do some project such as propeller car, glider, electricity glider and remote controller....others we study Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), flight simulator, helicopter...and etc..

.im very enjoy and like this subject so much.... for our first assignment....

fastest mini propeller car..

airplane propeller - a propeller that rotates to push against air

my first design..

so..our coursemate must design a car moving by propeller...

my team, kemboja stx....ammar, safuan and me had created and do some experiment to get the best and fastest propeller car...we did some discussion and used fully our mastermind to do it

my second design...also have some problem..such as not stability and low aerodynamics design

my third design, more stability, but still not fully aerodynamics

our fourth design, membawa kami kepada the championship and the fastest propeller car..speed at velocity 5.1 m/s...

alhamdulillah...our research lastly get the best performance..thanks so much to my mum's and dad'd, my family, my lecturer's mr iswadi, all my housemate, coursemate and all of you who read this article....

thats all our journey that i want share with all of you...

tsx 45701i

the best performance, stability, aerodynamics and fastest

1st frustrated, im blast it, then accident coz speedy unstability...the rear shaft crashed

2nd test..alhamdulillah

ni team yg dpt 2nd place....different 0.07s

3rd place

4th place

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