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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UAV pilot test




rear tire


brushless motor holder

front tire



stall at high speed

camera holder

brushless motor


to find the true CG


Materials that we used

1. Fiber Rod

This material is straight, rigid and an ideal building material for frames, trusses and for use as reinforcing material. It is use to straighten and give more strength to the wings.

2. Stainless Steel Rod

Stainless Steels are alloys of iron and carbon that contain between 12 percent and 30 percent Cr, plus other alloying elements. The chromium, which helps develop a passive surface oxide film, provides corrosion resistance in stainless steels. Stainless Steels are wrought or cast and consist of several families that are named for their metallurgical structure. It is use as a connection body from fuselage to the empennage.

3. Ferro

Material that have enough strength to protect the fuselage and also lightweight. It is not easily broke and easy to fabricate.

4. Servo

It is used to provide actuation for aileron and elevator. When the servo is commanded to rotate, the motor is powered until the potentiometer reaches the value corresponding to the commanded position.

5. Battery

It is use to provide electrical power to work the motor and to functional the servo for a flight.

6. Receiver

Electronic circuit that receives its input from an antenna to separate a wanted radio signal from all other signals picked up by this antenna, amplifies it to a level suitable for further processing, and finally converts through demodulation and decoding the signal into a form navigational position and to control the aircraft motor speed.

7. Brushless Motor

Synchronous electric motor powered by direct-current (DC) electricity and having an electronic commutation system. The motor speed is control by electronic speed controller.

8. Electronic Speed Controller

Electronic speed controller is an electronic circuit with the purpose to vary an electric motor's speed, its direction and possibly also to act as a dynamic brake.

9. Tape

It is very thin and light tape, use to covered the wing into red colour and some empennage side to blue strike.

10. Fiber Tape

It use to connect the wing and the aileron together without blocking the aileron’s movement.

11. Surgical Tape

The usage is same with Fiber tape, but it been removed since it’s not strong enough to hold the ailerons.

12. Landing Gear System

It consist the nose gear and the rear gear and it is non-retractable landing gear.

13. Screw

It is used to fasten the landing gear to the fuselage.

14. Pen Camera

It is used to capture moments while the UAV is flying up in the air. The camera can record a video and safely keep the video until the it come back to ground.

15. Camera Battery

Lithium-ion battery that has in the pen camera.

location at mengkuang damn....

time 10am


09 april 2010

pagi td..after test flight mechanics......terus gi fly uav...

our final project.....

memang mencabar nak pilot uav....x dop pengalaman.....4 kali percubaan failed....

akhirnya....kami dapat kesan bahawa propeller dipasang angle of attack...cepat la


then i fly it...

propeller set up pitch terbalik...juz create small force...not enough to fly

hand launched

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